Asher Roth – As I Em [Snippet]

blame it on Shake April 9, 2009

The track I know most folks are anticipating has sprung a leak (sort of). The first verse has hit the internets thanks to ThisIsCutris. Ash lays it all out on this track. The comparisons to Eminem, etc. Chester French on the hook. Are ya’ll ready for Asleep in the Bread Aisle? I’m telling you the album is fuckin ridiculous. 4/20! Lyrics after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth – As I Em [Snippet] | Mediafire

I was in 7th grade when I heard the Slim Shady LP/ Yea, my mom brought it down when I was ironing… irony/ Getting out the wrinkles, just a little kid in middle school/ Sink my teeth into anything, to think I’m cool/ Riding the bus, Ifeel the rush from I Still Don’t Give a Fuck/ I wish I could agree, but I’ve already had enough/ I’ve already given up, from playing the same game/ Every interview, feel like I’m saying the same thing/ Em was great, yea he paved the way for me/ He was inspiration for everyone from A to Z/ But they keep relating me, I can’t get away, chasing me/ Now the masses think that Asher wants to be a Marshall Mathers/ They say “Asher’s not a rapper, nah his ass is just an actor”/ Cause we have the same complexion and similar voice inflection/ It’s easy to see the pieces and reach for that connection/ Each second of every minute, each hour of every day/ I’m constantly on the fense, defending my own name/ Explaining we’re not the same / There”s not much that I can say, except that I’m sick of it/ Critics, I’ve only sparked up a flame, it’s on…

While we’re on the topic of Asher Roth, he recently chopped it up with DJBooth.net about his album title, whether or not he’ll be able to find an audience in the inner-city streets, reverse-racism, guest feature decisions and crazy college stories.