A (2)Dope Battle: DviousMindZ vs NR

blame it on Shake April 13, 2009

Alright dopeboyz/girlz… if you weren’t around this weekend, I proposed a (beat) battle between DJ DviousMindZ and NR. Well really, I let NR vicariously call Dvious out through a post. Either way…. Dvious accepted the challenge and I started thinking of what track these guys could flip. I decided to go with the second single of Radiohead’s 1997 album, OK Computer. So the objective is simple… flip it better than the other motherfuckin’ producer!. You’ve got one week (til this Friday)… good luck! Voting will be left up to myself, Meka and the c-boys. That’s three total votes, no ties. If this works out well, I’m sure we can keep this series going. Bringing in other up and coming producers. We’ll see.

DOWNLOAD: Radiohead – Karma Police