Pumpkinhead PH – That’s That Shit

blame it on Meka April 13, 2009

The artist formerly known as Pumpkinhead is dropping a mixtape called My Era (No Skinny Jeans Allowed)… I’ll just let him describe what it’s about:

it’s a 12 song free download that will be available by June/July and i will have physical copies for the road . It’s 12 tracks over 90’s hip hop beats , shit that i came up on that was classic in my eyes and also a warning to those hipster strictly do it for nostalgia rappers who try to reinvent my era and fail horribly stop the fucking madness you suck it’s over with find your own niche… The mix cd will feature Chino Xl , Donnie Goines , Blitzkrieg , Gms , Mazzi of soul purpose (walking blog fame) , Jean Grae , 88 keys , Homeboy Sandman and more stay tuned . This song is “That’s My Shit,” a one verser over Diamond D’s That’s that shit classic off Stunts Blunts And Hip Hop.

DOWNLOAD: PH – That’s That Shit | Mediafire