A (2)Dope Battle: DviousMindz vs NR (Winner)

blame it on Shake April 20, 2009

Alright folks… last week I put up the submissions from both DviousMindz & NR for the first ever beat battle on 2dopeboyz. Giving them the challenge of flipping Radiohead’s Karma Police. The voting was left up to myself (1 vote), Meka (1 vote), the rest of the NMC (1 vote) and the dopeboyz/girlz (1 vote). In the event of a tie we would have pushed for another round. Alas… there was no tie. Check the voting (and winner announcement) after the jump…

Beat1 = NR
Beat2 = DviousMindz

Shake: Beat1
Meka: Beat1
NewMusicCartel: Beat1 (4-to-2 total)
Poll: Tie (As shown by this screenshot I took a few minutes ago)*


All people voting were only given the submissions as Beat1 and Beat2 so there was no favortism involed. And even though the voting might seem a bit lopsidded; this was no easy battle to vote on. Both did their thing and I’m very happy on the turn out it brought up. I’m really thinking about keeping this as a bi-monthly series at the dopehouse. So any producers wanting to challenge NR next week, drop a note here!

*Note: I scheduled this post at 1:26am my time for an earling morning post.