Mr. SOS – Bionic (prod. Tonedeff)

blame it on Shake April 20, 2009

As I wrap up my evening I wanted to drop off the lead single from Mr. SOS‘ upcoming debut album, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, which drops June 2nd on QN5 Music.

Produced by Tonedeff, with a progressive use of synths and sampled industrial machinery to illustrate society’s increasing reliance on technology which is seemingly leading down a road to the loss of our humanity.

And since 4/20 is winding down (technically it’s already over) the good folks at QN5 decided to blast out an appropriate cut (also produced by Tonedeff) off SOS‘ previous EP, The Pre-Op. Hit the jump for the single artwork of Bionic as well as the album art for the album…

DOWNLOAD: Mr. SOS – Bionic (prod. Tonedeff) | Clean | Instrumental | .zip
BONUS: Mr. SOS – Let’s Go Get Stoned (prod. Tonedeff)

The single cover was designed by UK designer, Allan Corbett of Thetwoofhearts.com and features a clever blend of the double-helix DNA with microchip circuitry.

It’s no surprise…Hip-Hop is in a state of emergency, and when help is needed, the response is just three letters – S.O.S. There are few lyricists who possess the kind of fire that this Florida native holds. With a mic chord plugged directly into his heart, Mr. SOS has been an underground force, whose critical acclaim has pushed him further into the mainstream. His debut album How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb will bring this established mic controller to his deserved spot in Hip-Hop royalty…and he’s just getting started.