Lil Wayne’s a Smart Man…

blame it on Shake April 22, 2009

… atleast with his NBA Finals prediction.

Just so no one gets it twisted: the Lakers are winning the NBA Finals. Now that KG is out, the C’s aren’t gonna go anywhere, which is a shame. You always like to have the defending champs in there to fight like hell to hold on to their crown. Doc Rivers doesn’t want to believe it. And as competitive as KG is, I can’t imagine even being around him right now — how frustrated he must be because all he wants to do is get out on that court. He’s probably breaking stuff in his house, he’s so mad.

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Anyway, so now we’re looking at a Lakers versus Cavaliers final, and that’s going to be amazing. Kobe won’t get the best of LeBron, but the Lakers will get the best of the Cavs. I’ll be rooting for the Lakers, and LeBron already knows that. So it’s not like I’m gonna show up in a Kobe jersey and make ‘Bron Bron cry. He knows I’ve been a Laker fan my whole life so it’s all good. That don’t mean he likes it, but he ain’t gonna cry when he sees me at the games screaming for Pau Gasol and Trevor Ariza.

But LeBron will be OK. He’s gonna win the MVP this year. That will be his consolation prize. Phil Jackson and the Lakers will walk away with more rings, but LeBron will get his trophy. Shout out to Tex Winter (the Lakers assistant), too, because it’s his last season and he’s the amazing brain behind the triangle offense. Some day, I will move to Los Angeles and live out my destiny to become a true loyal Lakers fan at every home game like Jack Nicholson. I will live next to Hugh Hefner and I will be at the Staples Center nightly, because that is my destiny.

Besides the Cavs and Lakers, I still think the Blazers are the team that could go far and surprise a lot of people. I like Greg Oden coming off the bench, and Joel Przybilla is playing possessed right now. And I may get a lot of people calling me crazy in the mailbag for this, but Brandon Roy is just as good as Deron Williams or Chris Paul at the point. The Blazers are a very exciting young team with a lot to prove, so if we’re talking a playoff sleeper pick, they’re it.

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