Nicki Minaj x Kim Kardashian x Tahiry x Angela Yee (Video)

blame it on Shake May 5, 2009


A show of hands (err comments)… out of all the dopeboyz/girlz that read the title, who immediantly thought sexual things? Haha… sorry, but there is no sex tape involving all four of these ladies. There is talk of pussy, leaked photos and whatnot though. *shrugs… Posting mainly solely for the visuals of course. But if you’re interested, above you can check Kim Kardashian talking about Dancing With the Stars, her Complex magazine shoot and responds to Eminem about the recent shots. After the jump Nicki Minaj talks with Angele Yee & Leah Rose about role playing and how ladies should step their pussies up. Yea…


For those that actually listened. Which Minaj would you want? Lisa? Carmen? The shy school Girl?


And last but not least. Tahiry speaks with Angela as well. Happy Birthday btw….

DOWNLOAD: Tahiry on Shade45 w/ Angela Yee | pt.2 | pt.3