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Joe Budden Explains Method Man Situation (Video)

blame it on Shake May 18, 2009

Spotted at Miss Info’s crib

Just skip to the 23minute mark….for the crux of Joe’s realization, or at least his statement that he may have spoken about Meth in bad taste (while he is adamant that he feels he was being truthful). Budden says that he and Meth are not “peers,” but that he only spoke on Meth because his real peers are trash, lol.

People need to take note of this interview (especially the Wu “affiliates”) in that Joe Budden has a point. The Dwight Howards x Bill Russel example at 5:50 is perfect. Dre also transcribed another prime quote.

“I have a big problem with people and their comprehension skills. I was very clear in the video. No where did I say I should be ranked higher than Method Man on a best rapper ever list.. So let’s stop saying I said it, because I didn’t say it.” – 4:30

Now back to my personal thoughts… Method Man is dope! One of my favorites. But if it actually got down to him going against Joe Budden on wax, he’d take an L. Point blank period. UDPATE: If you wanna hear the entire conversation, I upped it over at the plantation.