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Random Acts of Fuckery: ImBetterThanJoe.com Edition

blame it on Shake May 18, 2009

MoeRoc, Executive at Wu Music Group defends his fellow Wu-Tang Clansman, Method Man, with a new Track fired towards Joe Budden entitled “32 Bars Of Respect”. MoeRoc comments, “The Joe Budden remarks towards Mef were disrespectful. I did it to teach Joe some respect. In hip hop we already lost loyalty & integrity, we can’t allow respect to go out the window just like that. Method Man is like a big brother to me, Mef is one of the illest to touch a mic, top 5 stage performers ever & a legend in hip hop. Joe will never be a fraction of what Mef is, so for him to say he’s better than a legend is obsurred. He wanted 32 bars so I gave him ’32 Bars of Respect’ Joe is finished, I respect him as a rapper but he never made a significant impact on hip hop. I’ve accomplished more than Joe Budden already & haven’t even put out my first major album yet. Bottom line, if he thinks he is better than a Method Man, then I’m way better than a Joe Budden.”

The Harlem MC also released a 7 Track Street Album entitled Not The Average Joe that features the record 32 Bars of Respect via www.ImBetterThanJoe.com

You can’t make this shit up people. Folks are trying to gain fame off a beef that doesn’t even involve them? Smh… I hate when “crew members” try and “protect” someone they’re leader or someone higher up. It’s always pointless. Especially if Mef & Joehaven’t even exchanged tracks. I agree with his statement above about Method Man being one of the illest and a top 5 stage performer, etc. I’ve stated it already… Mef is one of my favorites but come on! Leave it to the people that actualy have beef. UPDATE: After reading a few of the comments I figured I’d add some more thoughts. The RAoF doesn’t go towards the actual bars MoeRoc spit, because he did come off kind of nice, but… the reasoning is retarded and still gets a RAoF stamp from Shake. MEK DOT UPDATE: *dead* at the spelling of “absurb obsurred”*

DOWNLOAD: MoeRoc – 32 Bars of Respect (prod. RZA) | Mediafire
BONUS: Fes Taylor – Fuck Joe Buddens | Mediafire