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Drake at SOBs (Video)

blame it on Shake May 27, 2009

The folks were going wild on the Twitter about Drake’s performance at the Hot97 Who’s Next showcase with Peter Rosenberg in NYC tonight. Miss Info was saying there was like 980215 cameras. Smh @ that being hip hop now. Folks don’t even go to shows to enjoy them anymore. They go to get that “exclusive” footage that 980214 other folks have. Anyways… here’s the first round of footage courtesy of Hot97 (via Miss Info).

I’m out for the night. I’m sure by the time I wake up my inbox will be flooded with everyone’s “exclusive” look. As I’m not a huuge fan of Drake’s stage presence I’ll wait for DJ Ness to come through with the HQ audio. UPDATE: YN brought out the flipcam and caught Unstoppable, Congratulations and Uptown with the great Bun B. While TapemastersInc captured Say You Will.


See… I’m not even off the computer and I’ve gotten four different sets of footage. I think I’m done with this show already haha. I might update this post with clearer footage if it comes; but that’s it.

UPDATE: Here is DJ Delz’ video footage…