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A (2)Dope Method Man & Redman Post

blame it on Illy May 29, 2009

Shake’s latest update is that the Emergency Room visit was “as much of help as LeBron’s supporting cast this series against Orlando”. There wasn’t as much pain as before but the bleeding was a cause for concern to him. This morning he went to his ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) Specialist and he diagnosed the issue as a ruptured eardrum. I’m not completlely aware of what that means for his overall health but he said to expect him back later today. We shall see.

Now that my expedient update on Shake is complete I’ll start going through the immense amount of emails he has forwarded me. There were a few regarding Method Man & Redman so I included them in one single post. The above video is Red & Meth on Loud.com for their Favorites segment. Then click the “continue reading” link for their MySpace release party and a YouTube video of them (with Busta Rhymes) talking about the 90s.


UPDATE: Since I originally made this post, Shake has forwarded a few more Red & Meth related things so I figured it was best to include in this post. Big Boy’s Neighborhood and Carson Daly get invaded by the Blunt Brothers.