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Charles Hamilton – Reminder

blame it on Shake June 3, 2009

This was originally for Charles’ upcoming album, This Perfect Life. But due to it being too dark, it’s been replaced.

I took Reminder off the album because it’s too dark. It has been replaced by Disabmbiguation. Just look up what it means. Now that the final tracklisting is all music that reflects a life gone from dark to light, I can finally say that this perfect life is livable.

Reminder was in the same vein as Shinin‘, in the sense of me going through serious withdrawal when I wrote it. Honestly people. Do YOU wanna hear a song from a junkie in recession? Especially on an album where progression is the key to perfection?

Well… in case you DO want to hear it, the links below. You can also hit the jump for the tracklist…

DOWNLOAD: Charles Hamilton – Reminder | Mediafire

1. Barbara Walters
Insomnia, depression, getting over your problems by talking.

2. Three Pound Bullet
(Co-produced by Charles Hamilton and Woody)
Dealing with the “elephant in the room” factor.

3. Ghosts
The paranormal paranoia.

4. Post-Lynching Ceremony

5. All Alone
(Produced by Woody)
Teen depression/suicide

6. Cable in the Classroom
A general response to the question “how”.

7. Baby
The innocence in being an artist.

8. Disambiguation
The events leading to destiny.

9. Tears of Fire (Feat. Crooked I)
Saying goodbye to the pain that holds one back.

10. Long Socks (Feat. Show TuFli)
The universal friendship bracelet for all people lucky enough to have one.

11. Rosado
(Additional vocals by Aja-Monet)
A dedication to the color of life.