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Random Acts of Fuckery: Charles Hamilton vs Detroit Edition

blame it on Shake June 8, 2009

Now… I’m sitting in my local Subway and I start seeing a few Twitter messages involving Charles Hamilton and his executive producer credit to J Dilla on his upcoming album. Quite a few Detroit folks took that the wrong way (and rightfully so). Anyways… this sparked a lot of back and forth between Charles, Hex, HouseShoes, etc. I can’t be bothered to grab links for every message but if you browse Twitter enough you’ll find the story. Anyways, Charles keeps thinking its cute to be sarcastic and talk shit to any and everybody online. It’s turned out ok with some and maybe he really thinks he can get away with everything he says. But I’ll say it now, you’re dead wrong Charles. Hoping the adjective in that sentence never comes true either. A lot of the folks your talking reckless to are serious people. I’ll leave names, and links out of it as it should be known or can be found out who I’m referring to. The fact that after your conversation with SweeneyKover (in which you talk about your relationship with Ma Dukes, Illa J, etc) and that you’re lies get shot the fuck down by HouseShoes (and that the J Dilla Music Foundation hasn’t existed for quite some time) is quite ridiculous. I understand publicity stunts in some occassions but this is fucking stupid. You’re messing with the wrong type of people and I don’t think it will turn out pretty. Heed the warning Mr. Hamilton, Detroit doesn’t fuck around.* UPDATE: Since I see folks claiming Charles never said Dilla was Executive Producing the album… here’s a nice little quote from Hammy himself…

Yeah, James Yancey EPd the album. That was my sound consultant. Google it, come back here and doubt it. Ma Dukes, I gotchu.

See how fucking stupid that is? When Ma Dukes, Illa J, etc don’t even know the kid? Smh…

*In no way am I condoning violence, I’m just offereing my thoughts.