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T-Pain Joins Jay-Z On Stage for D.O.A. Performance (Video)

blame it on Shake June 8, 2009


So while I was soaking up the beatuful sun rays, getting my frisbee and beer pong on, and enjoying the company of my close friends; a little show went down in NYC. I believe ya’ll call it Summer Jam? Anyways… rather than make 9 different posts with different angles and clarity, we might as well bunch it all up into one. For those on mobile phones and unable to check videos, etc… head over to Splash’s site as he wrote up a play by play as it went down. The above clip is probably one of the biggest moments in Summer Jam history (there are a few above it, and ironically enough… Hov was apart of them as well). During Young Jeezy’s performance, Jay comes out to perform D.O.A. And during the hook someone you might be familiar with shows up and stands right beside him (which was totally unplanned on Hov’s part). That man is T-Pain. Big stuff. So far I haven’t seen any great quality footage (except the RAoF below) so I’ll hold off until tomorrow… UPDATE: It seems they’ve stopped the embedding for the video, so check it out here until they allow it again.

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