Casey V – Customized Greatly v.2 (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Shake June 13, 2009

The little homie Casey Veggies is prepping the release of his upcoming mixtape; featuring the likes of H.O.P.E., C-San, U-N-I, cARTer, PacDiv, El Prez, Three-1-Zero and more. He just fired over the (very ill) artwork and tracklist for the dopeboyz/girlz to check out. Hit the jump…

1. The Same Difference
2. Back for another one(Feat. Tyler, the Creator!, Hodgy Beats) (Prod. By Tyler, the creator)
3. It’s All Good
4. 1993
5. Dreams & Egos ll(Feat. H.O.P.E) (Prod. By Uncle Dave)
6. A Real Interlude
7. ADayInTheLifeOfCaseyJones(Prod. by Beats4Clothes)
8. Only one can win
9. Rolling By (Prod. by Hellagood productions)
10. Networking (Prod. by Tyler, the creator)
11. Billion Dollar Rain(Feat.Carter, Dom Kennedy,C-San) (Prod. By Radio)
12. Her Gold Medal (Prod. By Beats4Clothes)
13. I’m Shaded (Prod. By Super 3)
14. So So rapper
15.  ??
16. Purple Cows(Feat. C-San, Three-One-Zero, Convinced, Kevin Mak, Overdoz, U-N-I, El Prez, Skeme, Pac Div) (Prod. By Super 3)
17. Finnally Something Different (Prod. By Tyler, the creator)
18. I Fell Asleep(Feat. Rich Hil) (Prod. by Beats4Clothes)
19. I’m Right Here (Feat. Reese Dollaz)

Customized Greatly v.2 drops July 1st!