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A (2)Dope Saturday Night Out

blame it on Meka June 14, 2009

Saturday night I was invited to catch Pacific Division, Clipse, Diz Gibran and B.o.B at Downtown Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre, and as soon as I got there it was a sign of the impending fuckery I’d go through the entire night…

Upon getting there I was apparently not put on the press list as I anticipated, but rather the “media list.” I have no idea what’s the difference between press and media aesthetically, but “media” essentially prohibited me from backstage access and capturing footage. And while trying to figure out what was going on, I almost wasn’t allowed back in the venue to begin with. This was actually the one time where coming early to the show worked to my advantage.

While there I ran into one of the winners who also had issues getting in (as apparently they weren’t on the list, but they just allowed him access regardless. Once again, getting to the venue early FTW?) as well as various peoples of the Internets community (shouts to BMUSE, Eazee, Weekend Warriors, Guerilla Busfare) and many artists (shouts to giO Basicali, El Prez, Chris Focus, Ayomari, CurT@!n$, Nola Darling, Fashawn, Exile and the many others who I can’t remember at the moment).

The show itself was entertaining, as Diz performed cuts from his Soon You’ll Understand mixtape, while Pac Div performed a few vintage cuts in between new songs and passing out free sneakers to the crowd. When the Clipse came out to perform, I decided “fuck it” and started guerilla-catching footage in the pit area. They ran through their album and mixtape catalog to a crowd who recited damn near every word. All in all it was a good show, and the above video is a collage of the Thornton brothers’ set. And extra shouts to this dwyckhead who got the gall to get upset at me because the yokel didn’t get in, despite the fact the winners of the contest that was ran were confirmed on the list as of Friday night, as well as the fact ol’ boy (probably) didn’t show up early like I and the other winner did. Twitter “beefs” are not hip hop, especially when it’s a one-sided affair.