Mek Dot x New York

blame it on Meka June 19, 2009


As this site has started, grown taken off and gained recognition, so have Shake and I. To be a part of this thing has been an incredible and humbling experience, and we both thank each person every day for helping the site become what it is now.

With that said, in the next two weeks (July 3rd) I will be relocating from the cozy confines of Los Angeles for the cozy confines of Rotten Apple, as I have been hired at a new gig out there. What does that mean for the site? It means that now there will be both an East Coast and West Coast connect. It also means a broader range of all things (2)dope. Most importantly, it means the start of something greater for both the site, Shake and myself. I’m equal parts nervous and excited, as this will be the first time I’ll be living outside of California, and it just so happens to be a place I’ve wanted to live for years.

Ain’t really much more to say, so we now return to your regulalry scheduled posting.