Picaso’s Imaginations Canvas Winner

blame it on Meka June 19, 2009

After looking over the many entires Picaso has chosen his winner: Stephon. If the winner’s emails are legit, he should receive an email from Picaso himself. Congrats to the winner, and check out what his answer was under the cut.

DOWNLOAD: Picaso – Imaginations Canvas

The only way I can truly convey my thoughts on the subject (Imagination’s Canvas), is to remind myself of a time before my imagination was tainted by the “should and should-be’s” that society placed in my mentality. I can recall that this “canvas” was set upright on an eisel otherwise known as hope. So everytime my imagination would paint a picture, my hope was there to support it’s beauty. I guess that’s why today I try to maintain my imagination, because with that comes my originality, and an individual that is lacking originality is no more than a conformed citizen who lacks the ability to deviate him/herself from the rest of the crowd. I give an immense amount of credit to my imagination and canvas in which it paints its pictures, because without it I would be just another speck of ink on a Seurat painting as opposed to being the flowering rose that every blade of grass envies in a garden.