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Print Presents: FMF (Friday Music Fever) pt.3

blame it on Meka June 19, 2009

Here’s some new/old Print from his archives to your hard drive. And also check out some words about each song under the cut.

DOWNLOAD: Print – Successful Free Write
DOWNLOAD: Print – Hard Work
DOWNLOAD: Print – Used To Be In Love f. Africa Miranda

Successful Free Write
Print takes you on a emotional ride on many topics in his “Successful” Rendition, which was recorded about 4 hours ago. Over Drakes, “Successful” instrumental, Print speaks on many topics; from Women, Friendship, Loyalty, Music, and the current state of Hip Hop. He offers an honest, genuine voice and opinion of how he feels about certain situations currently. Obviously, Print has been watching, observing and going through some things himself; he wanted his audience to listen to his pain, struggle, and triumph. He has kept the title of the original track, paying homage to Drake many times on this rendition. Print feels that many artists don’t give enough credit to each other and it builds a false sense of unity. From the outside looking in, artists may look like they have it all together. Although the honest truth is that the music industry these days, is built on the “out for self mentality.” So check out “Successful the Free Write”, by Print of Good Day Good Night. This is a very heartfelt and honest record, so pay close attention!

Hard Work
Print wanted his audience to really see how he started his music career. He wanted people to understand where he came from and invites his audience to the very beginning of his journey to stardom. He gave us at Yatta Mayjour, his very first record, which was recorded in 2004. This record is the very very first written, and recorded song, Print ever made. Entitled, “Hard Work”, Print talks about the struggles of being a full time artist, a full time employee, full time college student and a full time human being. In this current recession, you can really feel and understand Prints message on this record. So check out “Hard Work”, Prints very first recording. The audio may be a little raw but we feel that there is so much beauty in that. You can actually see what this artist used for his inspiration in order to become the Emcee he is today.

Used To Be In Love f. Africa Miranda
nt takes us into his personal life on this relationship record entitled, “Used to Be in Love”, featuring Africa Miranda, which was recorded in 2005. Many of you may have remembered Africa Miranda from the Grammy Contest, a couple of years back. She was a finalist in the Grammy contest, in which the winner would perform on stage with Justin Timberlake as well as have a pending Recording Contract. This record simply talks about the many relationship problems men and women have on a day to day basis. What’s Ironic about the record is that many of the problems Print spoke about didn’t really happen to him until later on in his own relationship. So he kind of, in a weird way, wrote his own future before it happened. Enjoy this record, its a goodie!!