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Chamillionaire – Gucci & Fendi x Denzel Washington f. Z-Ro

blame it on Shake June 22, 2009

Chamillionaire just released two tracks off his last and final installment of the Mixtape Messiah series; which drops August 4th on Chamillionaire.com. Hit the jump for the artwork as well as a message from Cham about the release.

DOWNLOAD: Chamillionaire – Gucci & Fendi | Mediafire
DOWNLOAD: Chamillionaire – Denzel Washington f. Z-Ro | Mediafire

The new brand that I have created will be called “MAJOR PAIN” and all of the cds I release from now on will be “AUTHORIZED LEAK CDS”. I think its time to start doing more real songs in instead of jacking everyone else’s tracks and releasing those. I know there are a lot of fans that will argue that I have been successful at that for over a decade and thats part of the reason why I feel like its time to step to another challenge. I have done everything that anyone could possibly do in the Mixtape world and its time to move on to something fresh and new.

The demand for my mixtapes have been growing larger because of my mainstream success and im at a point where I dont have enough resources and people to help supply the demand. The reason why I dont ship to international locations and APO & FPO addresses is because I simply can’t handle the amount of orders that have been coming in. It takes a lot to supply the world and its time to make things a little bigger. When a cd drops from now on it will be shipped through a 3rd party and everyone will be able to purchase it. The music will be authorized material so you will also be able to get whatever I drop on itunes also. I will put the release date for the first major pain cd on www.chamillionaire.com as soon as I have it confirmed. The music that I will release on this new brand will be music that I feel is dope and it won’t be music from any other cd. It will be completely exclusive material that I feel represents me and my new brand the best. No you don’t have to worry about it being too commercial and trust me, there won’t anybody standing over my shoulder telling me what to release. I put my stamp on everything that will drop.

There will only be 100 real cds of Mixtape Messiah 7. Each autographed double disc cd will include the full 6 panel artwork and a real 100 dollar bill attached inside. There will be no more lizard autographed copies of any cd after these are gone. I will give most of them away on chamillionaire.com and I will put a couple of the copies on ebay. I will also give away some copies at random radio stations across the nation. If you know me and want a copy, don’t ask me because these are for the fans. The cds that I give away on chamillionaire.com will be given to fans that will explain why they should have a personal copy of the last Mixtape Messiah. I will go in more detail in what you will have to do at the next update.

I will give all of the jeans away before I give away the cd’s except I will give those away just on chamillionaire.com and a couple on ebay. Thanks to all of the fans who have supported me over the years that haven’t changed up on me because of any changes you feel I have made. I really appreciate it.

My email is [email protected]

Holla at me anytime. I read all of my messages.

BONUS: Both Tracks x Artwork [.zip]