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blame it on Meka June 25, 2009

I’m well aware that this cut dropped months ago, but iTunes has dropped the final, mastered version of this Just Blaze x Jay Electronica über-heat rock. For all youse who talk about supporting hip hop, you can actually do so right here. Check out the song’s lyrics under the cut in case you forgot as well. SHAKE UPDATE: Just copped. For those wondering, the iTunes version has a 251 bitrate and is the explicit version. Crisp! And with the unfortunate passing of Michael Jackson I added Swagger Jackson’s Revenge as a bonus.

DOWNLOAD: Jay Electronica – Exhibit A (Transformations) (prod. Just Blaze) [Clean]
BONUS: Jay Electronica – Swagger Jackson’s Revenge

I spit that wonder rhymer shit, me and my conglomerates
Shall remain anonymous, caught up in the finest shit
Get the type of media coverage Obama get, spit that Kurt Vonnegut
That blow your brain Kurt Cobain, that Nirvana shit
Who gone bring the game back?
Who gone spit that Remo on the train tracks
That gold rope, that 5 finger ring rap
Runnin’ with my same pack
You can find the Christ where the lepers and the lames at
Life is like a dice game
One roll could land you in jail or cuttin’ cake blowin’ kisses in the rice rain
Nice whip, nice chain, a closet of skulls
The stench is like slave blood at Providence Hall, yeah
They built my city on top of a grave
Ni**a die, ni**a get high, and watch the parade
Back in the early 90’s, “Where they at, where they at, get the gat, get the gat” was a popular phrase
Bally animals and rugbys was the popular craze
This the vivid memoirs of an obnoxious slave
I paved ways like Nat and Harriet, I blast on Judas Iscariots and peel off in the chariot
I’m sittin’ pretty, spittin’ flames, grippin’ grain, ain’t a damn thing change

They say “Candyman, Candyman, spit me a dream,” blow a chunk of the levy out and spit me a stream
Knock a man house down and build a casin(o), a 2000 dollar government check from FEM(A)
I swam down shit’s creek and came up clean, with a new lease on life like Andy Dufresne
It’s the most poetical, Nat King “Unforgettable”
Clarence 13X Allah’s rhapsody from Belleview
I’m splittin’ atoms, spittin’ flames, bringin’ change, things’ll never be the same
I got the rap game singing “At Last” like Etta James, lames get they plane shot down like John McCain
Its’s a dream, it’s a dream, the flow’s elegant like Miss Coretta Scott King
A lot of kings seen death and turned queen, crack they 24 inch rims in the ravine
Respect the architect, never test the Elohim, goodnight this is Jay Elect live from New Orleans.