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DJ Premier’s Tribute To Michael Jackson

blame it on Meka June 28, 2009

If you’ve noticed, every post mortem dedication has been handled by Shake. This is because I’ve refused to post any and every Jackson-related content due to my sheer disgust at the cannibalistic capitalistic/opportunistic nature of the many artists – not to mention the sheer gall of these ni**as – and their half-hearted attempt to try to get some shine by throwing together a bullshit “tribute” song. We see right through you, Judas.

Anyways, this particular post is an exception to the rule as not only is it a mix from my favorite producer, it is also from a person who’s made countless contributions to music over the past two decades. Long story short, I’ve been doing this long enough to see when it’s a genuine tribute and when it’s a suspect stab at publicity. Those cats are better off trying to sell me a poorly done screen-print tee on the street. Just enjoy the music and respect the legacy, nothing more, nothing less.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Premier’s Tribute To Michael Jackson