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Fly Society – Fly With Us Or Lie Beneath Us (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake July 2, 2009

For those wondering. Curren$y is on the majority of this! Now all the fuckheads can stop talking shit; since it’s obvious ya’ll didn’t download in the first place. Now… what exactly is Fly Society?

Fly Society is a company I [Curren$y] started a year ago. [At] first it was gonna be a streetwear brand/clothing line that I was puttin’ together and my homeboy Terry Kennedy (Ice Cream skate team) was helping me to get skate teams involved in the brand. Then we decided we might as well start knockin’ some music out ‘cause I had some homies from the city that get down and they just needed some situations too. I figured with me being “on” that it would be a good thing for me to set up a label. That was when my Cash Money situation was lookin’ prosperous, so I put that together for all my homies from the city so that they would have a ticket, be it through the clothing line or be it through niggas from New Orleans who’re skatin’ ‘cause now I see that they got a lot of kids skatin’ out here. So just to make a way for that and help skatin’ grow in my city. I needed an umbrella to be under to make all them moves. I couldn’t just be me and say “I wanna save the city!” So I came up with my company Fly Society. Now from there I got the Fly Society West that I gave to Terry Kennedy. That’s my man, I set up Fly Society West with him and he put one of his homies— actually his cousin— H.I.T. so we put together a group out there too [called] Fly Society West. Then I come home and do everything from right here. This the founding office! New Orleans right here with me.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

01. Intro
02. The Takeover
03. Get Rich
04. Professional
05. Mean Wit It f. Ras
06. Space Shuttle
07. Supras
08. Shout Out To
09. Stop Frontin (FS Gunnerz)
10. Turn’t Up (RAAO)
11. Swagga
12. Drama
13. You Know What It Is
14. Super Starz
15. Gimmie That f. Mecca Dawn
16. Step Yall Swag Up
17. Fresh
18. Get It Girl
19. Run Way
20. What Cha Face Look Like
21. Over Prepared
22. We Winning f. Jay Rock, Roccet & T Lon Dank

DOWNLOAD: Fly Society – Fly With Us Or Lie Beneath Us [via OS]