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Drake Explains His Balance Between Rapping & Singing (Video)

blame it on Shake July 9, 2009

Drizzy Drake Rodgers talks with Shaheem Reid (of MTV) about the balance he incorporates between rapping & singing.

“The balance of singing and rapping has been blurred ever since I did So Far Gone. I mean, I don’t really have a formula for that. I don’t say, like, ‘OK, I can only sing this hook or I want to rap this.’ I just really hear a beat, and it’s like, ‘If I can write to it on a hip-hop level, if I can pen some raps to it, then that will work.’ And then maybe after I do that, I’ll get in the booth and sing a little part of the verse.”

“I like to do that. I like to incorporate singing into my verses. And then I feel like it allows people a break from just constant rapping, rapping, rapping, you know? I think it’s great to incorporate melodies into the songs that I write. And yeah, my goal is just really to make a song that after I listen to it, I’ll just be like, ‘Man, people are going to know the words to that.’ That’s the best thing. I think I’m doing it right, ’cause when I go to the shows, people know the words to the songs, and that’s good.”

Drake also talks about what videos we can expect to see (not included in the clip above) and you can check the quote after the jump…

“There’s talk to do a ‘Successful’ video. Also, you know, I’m shooting the video to ‘Digital Girl’ with Jamie Foxx and Kanye West and The-Dream. And then there is another song that we have that we might shoot a video for, for the album. So as far as videos go, there is some more potential chances to see [me].”

Although I’m glad that Successful is gonna get some more burn, I’m with Dre on that it should’ve been out.