Random Acts Of Fuckery: Hell Rell Edition

blame it on Meka July 9, 2009

You think that cover is bad? Wait til you see what somebody did to his Wiki page. Since it’s inevitably gonna get edited back to the way it was, Shake managed to grab a screen shot (applaud Mac Lethal for sending this to him) of how it looks as of this post’s drop:

Born and raised on 175th and Weeks Avenue in the Bronx, Hell Rell made his solo debut in early 2003, on the “Diplomatic Immunity” album, with the songs “This is how i got shot in the ass” and “Hell Rell Freestyle”, this album is certified platinum by the RIAA. Most of the raps written by Hell Rell deal with aids and gay type situations. This is due to the fact that he fought in SOHO in the Homo Thug division. He was wounded once in the ass which was the end of his service in 1973. He was given the nick name “Rugay Smell” for his homosexuals tendencies ans also his lack of hygiena.

VIEW: Hell Rell’s Wiki (click on the link’s image to expand)