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Tanya Morgan x Southpaw (Video)

blame it on Meka July 9, 2009

After finding DonWill, I managed to catch the tail end of the Marco Polo x Torae x Tanya Morgan show in Southpaw in Brooklyn. In a sense, I can see why people tend to stay in Manhattan more often than not, as it took me a hella long time to get back home after the show. Falling asleep and almost missing your stop on the train FTL? Anyways, this was my first time seeing the Brooklynati trio in person, but after tonight’s show I can definitely say that I will be attending many more in the future, as they ripped through tracks from Moonlighting, The Bridge and Brooklynati, with Don telling me to “stop Twittering” mid-show. I also had the pleasure of meeting Torae (Double Barrel = dopeness), Che Grand (Everything’s Good Ugly = dopeness) and Spec Boogie (Summer Movie Season = dopeness). As before (and since I’m still sorting out the wreckage UPS did to my stuff) I didn’t bring my camera, so I had to record it on my phone. Apologies for the admittedly wack sound.