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KiD CuDi – Make Her Say Preview (Video)

blame it on Shake July 17, 2009

MTV just threw up a 30-second sneak peak of KiD CuDi’s upcoming video that premiere’s (probably before) Monday. Also, hit the jump to see how CuDi & Asher cam up with the title of their Great Hangover Tour (which will be in Vegas on July 23rd). Man On the Moon drops August 25th September 15th. A date CuDi isn’t pleased with as he won’t win a Grammy now (was he supposed to?) and he’s gotta battle Hov. Something Curtis won’t be doing.

DOWNLOAD: KiD CuDi – I Poke Her Face Make Her Say f. Common & Kanye West

Cudi said that he and Kanye West were trying to think up a name, and after a tossing around a few ideas, West came up with the Great Hangover Tour.

“I was like, ‘OK, let’s run with it, because it’s Kanye,’ ” Cudi told MTV News. “He’s responsible for naming a lot of tours, and we needed the perfect name. We didn’t want to make it too obvious. We didn’t want to call it the Marijuana Tour, or the Stoner Tour, something wack like that.”

“The Hangover” was coincidently coming out at the same time, and they wanted the tour to play off the same theme. What’s not coincidental, however, is the fact that Cudi and Roth teamed up to tour at similar stages of their career. The two met during the photo shoot for XXL magazine’s Freshman 10 and kept in touch since. The timing was right for them to hit the road together.

“Me and Asher were at a point in our careers where we’re definitely right there, and when you’re a new artist, and you have the opportunity to do your own tour, you definitely want to rock with somebody that you have a rapport with,” Cudi said. “He had his record out. I had my record out. We both had the same momentum, and it was like let’s bring them together and make a movement.”

Roth said that movement was the right word. “It’s the movement, and it’s really surrounded by good people and good music. When Cudi and I linked up, we were on that same tip of making sure that people understand that there’s definitely a paradigm shift coming on here. There’s a youth movement coming up.”

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