Hip Hop

Crooked I – Rap Or Die (2008)

blame it on Shake July 21, 2009

You know those times when your listening to music and a certain verse, a certain hook, something really reaches you. And you get lost in the moment and feel as if it’s your internal thoughts being spoke through the artist? While I was stressing, trying to fall asleep with a mind fuck of ideas of what I’m doing in the (near) future and what’s gonna happen once certain things occur; this joint came on. If you want new Crooked I (Slaughterhouse) click here, as this joint right here is over a year old. But I wanted to showcase the second verse (lyrics after the jump) and maybe it will reach others that are at the same fork in the road as me.

DOWNLOAD: Crooked I – Rap Or Die | Mediafire

my attitude is failure doesn’t exist/
so if you stuck in a twist/
or in a fuckin abyss/
you know the rougher it gets/
there’s no cuttin your wrists/
there’s only pumpin’ your fists/
and finding something you missed/
…in your strategery/
haters try to block your path eagerly/
and put negative thoughts in your head to jam up your frequency/
frequently i secretly beat people around me/
to see if it’s negative energy they feedin’ me/
then i cut them off, quicker than foreskin/
because the most horrible war for men is the war born within/
the winner takes all, you get nothing if you quit/
inspirational quotes, crooked on some bumper sticker shit/
i’m giving you the mental tools you need to survive/
before them cannibalistic dream killers eat you alive/
my dude these are the jewels, you can see with your mind/
so even if you legally blind, just believe in your grind/
i had a bad attitude, you couldn’t help defuse/
a little homeless kid in the shelter, i felt the blues/
stole kicks, put myself in someone else’s shoes/
still refused to brainwash myself to lose/
flashbacks of little crooked, 13 on the streets/
searching… for the very first thing he could eat/
nightmares of me leaving the earth, reaching for heat/
day dreams of me beating up beats/