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Fat Joe vs. Big Pun’s Widow

blame it on Meka August 6, 2009

Now, this is actually very disheartening to witness this deplorable back-and-forth that’s been going on between these two for years. Pun’s widow – the same who did a documentary on how such a violent, pistol-whipping wife beater he was a while back – is now saying that her and his children are living in a shelter and are blaming Fat Joe for it. Fat Joe on the other hand is claiming that he’s not making money off Pun (just his rhymebook. Ha!) and that Pun’s widow is essentially lying. I don’t know who’s telling the truth, and frankly I don’t care. This is just a pretty sad display put on by both parties, and in the end the real loser is Pun’s legacy and, more importantly, his children. This is so awful it doesn’t even warrant a RAoF tag, and that’s sad.

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