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KiD CuDi Speaks On “Retirement” (Video)

blame it on Meka August 6, 2009


According to eskay, this was during the SXSW festival way the fuck back in April. My thing is this: there’s no such thing as “retiring” in hip hop. That shit is just plain quitting because you can’t handle the pressures of the field you work in. Trust, there’s been times where I’ve wondered what exactly am I doing here, but never has the word “retire” came out of my mouth. Nobody forced any of us (well, unless you’re a Jackson or a Knowles) into this shit, and if you can’t deal with it nobody is asking you to stay in it. But don’t say you’re retiring when really you’re just frustrated at your situation. Keep it real.

Besides, you show me somebody who’s collecting Social Security after retiring from rap, and I’ll convince you that I’m a widower who wants to split $50-11 million dollars with you provided you give me your bank account number and $10,000.