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Nino Bless – Had It Up to Here (Sick Of pt.1)

blame it on Shake August 7, 2009

This is the first time I’ve had access to the internet since 3am Thursday. How weird it has been. Still… I’ve only got an hour right now, so let’s do what we can do. Nino is currently working on three projects. The last two joints I leaked were off Untold Scriptures 2 (What’cha Know About Me) and The Nomads (Boom Bap Shit). Now we get the first look at the Latin Marksman 2. UPDATE: Added link. *slaps forehead. Lyrics after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Nino Bless – Had It Up to Here (Sick Of pt.1) | Mediafire

Verse 1

I’m sick of waking up with no pot to piss in
I’m sick of feeling like there’s no competition
I’m sick of cats saying how they miss the 90’s
Man I feel the same way dog, shit… don’t mind me
I’m sick of rappers blowing up with now skills
I’m sick of never catching up to those bills
I’m sick of majors and their no good deals
I’m sick of eating out, damn I need a home cooked meal!
I’m sick of bastards lying
I’m sick of cats blaming Soulja Boy for rap’s decline
Sick of cats past their prime who ain’t half what I am
Get more shine cause they got some old classic rhyme
I’m sick of lames on the Obama movement
Dude’s who treat it like a trend, who you guy’s is fooling?
I’m sick of all these weak rhymers brewing
I’m sick of always hearing what Chris & Rhianna doing
I’m sick of this recession
Sick of hearing how you rich while I’m bitching and stressing
I’m sick of dealing with this bitch’s depression
I’m sick of kids talking shit while they sit through my session (shut up!)
I’m of all these females gassed
Don’t know you niggaz only wanna see ya ass?
I’m sick of getting your tracks through email blast
I’m sick of emptying out my email trash!
I’m sick of all these damn DJ’s hating
I’m sick of Rap and R&B on the same station
I’m sick of seeing the same faces
I’m sick of rappers saying their sicker than Aid’s patients (again!)
I’m sick of EVERYBODY trappin for bucks
I’m sick Youtube-thuggin like these rappers are tough
I’m sick of rappers acting like what they packing they’ll bust
I’m sick of rappers not rapping enough! (damn)


I’m sick of all the ying and the yang
How is everybody real in the game?
They dealing that cane, they making it rain
Wait! That sounds good on my phone let it ring
Man I had it up to here
Said I had it up to here
Yeh Had it up to here

Verse 2

I’m sick of all this Hipster shit
I’m sick of saying that I’m sick of shit
I’m sick of lyricist spittin flames
Killin it, but ain’t getting no respect in this game
I’m sick of kicking game to chicks on Myspace
Then getting fake pictures “you ain’t gotta fly face!”
And when its them for real, I’m sick of being let down
No wonder this bitch had no pic’s from the neck down
I’m sick of saying “fuck it, I’m just getting neck now”
I’m sick of all these suckers saying they the best out
I’m sick of backpackers hating when a cat stack up
I’m sick of wack rappers hating on … wack rappers
I’m sick of a lot of shit… ain’t I?
Like how Detroit feels since they traded for A.I.
I’m sick of seeing bums balling out
I’m sick of cats asking me “why you not in Slaughterhouse”
I’m sick of nosy kids up in my jaw
Let me breathe bitch! What would I come to u for?
I’m sick of ducking the law
I’m sick of cats who’ll hear this and go “that topic’s been done
before” (so what)
I’m sick of kids hyping these wack dudes on the mic
Truth is these fools ain’t even prove that they nice
Trifle game, rifles aimed its you that’s in sight
I’m thru with this, I’m shooting this cause you ain’t doing it right!
I’m sick of message board thugs in they house thuggin
Slow down cousin, who you hurting with that mouse button?
I’m sick of always emailing Mouse Budden
Like “dog where ya verse at you ain’t send out nothing!”
I need to get my funds up!
I’m sick of going to sleep while the sun’s up
I’m sick of beef, sick of diss songs!
Fuck that! I’m sick of me, sick of THIS SONG!