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Mickey Factz Speaks on Raekwon x Joe Budden (Video)

blame it on Shake August 9, 2009


Mickey Factz gives a first hand perspective about the Raekwon (and goons) x Joe Budden fuckery. I’m not really sure how this works with the situation, these vlogs are really making things soap opera’esque. People bringing camera crews to tape giving someone an eye jammy? Is that what being street has come to? I remember when two people would have a problem with each other. Words would be exchanged, they would knuckle up, one would come out on top. And it was done. You’d shake hands and leave it at that. The loser would take the loss and keep it pushin’. Dah well… as the world revolves I guess. And I’m sure we’ll be seeing the taped punch on IceWaterTV before OB4CL2 comes out.

… “brand new. I ain’t got a scratch on me”. I should’ve twitpiced niggaz hidin in their dressin room. lol…