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Vast Aire – Battle of the Planets (Def Jux x Cage Diss)

blame it on Shake August 9, 2009

In response to Cage’s comments (shown in the block quote below) about Vast’s relationship with Camu Tao (Rest in Peace).

It bothered me very much to see a lot of his enemies claiming this Love they had for him the day after he passed but none when he was dying for a year and a half. Some of you made it right with him before he died. I can understand except one person and in honor of Tero a true shit starter and fire ignitor I would like to out VAST AIRE you are a LIAR and Camu hated you and you know it. You shit on him when you knew he was dying. You disrespected his fiancee weeks after his passing with disrespectful emails.

Whatever the case may be… this shit is depressing. If both of ya’ll were close to Camu why disrespect him by using his name and life as a reason to beef? And even if this wasn’t about Camu… the track was still underwhelming. Anyone remember the Esoteric, Cage, Copywrite, El-P diss tracks? 7700 Years to Date, 9 Lashes, Mercy Killing, Haterama, Do It, etc. There was so much heat from every person involved with that beef. I might have to make a post about that shit. Shouts to Vega.

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