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Shawn Chrystopher – A City With No Seasons (Free Album)

blame it on Meka August 11, 2009

A City With No Seasons is Shawn Chrystopher’s debut album produced in its entirety by Shawn Chrys himself, and his production partner Zaire Koalo. Premiered by Myspace.com, A City With No Seasons comes with a full-poster sized graphic of the album artwork, as well as a 21 page digital booklet!

Tracklist and link under the cut.

I’m a person who loves to take chances, loves tight-roping the line between genius and insanity; the artwork for my debut album is no different. I felt, in hip hop, we were playing things a little too safe with our album artwork, scared of the backlash we would get and ultimately not being true to ourselves. I’m here to change that. The A City With No Seasons artwork is inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat because his art was debated about the most on whether or not it is real art because it looks ‘elementary.’

I honestly believe that there is no such thing as wrong, or bad art; that is difference between art and math. If I say 2+2=5 I’m wrong, but because my lines aren’t straight and my coloring isn’t inside the lines my art isn’t art? Art is all about expressing yourself, and no one can ever say that you are expressing yourself incorrectly.

It’s ok to say you don’t understand; what’s not ok is to say that it’s wrong.

1. …And I Present
2. On Stage
3. Believer
4. Position
5. Heartbreaker f. Chris Focus
6. Fresh Prince
7. [Untitled]
8. You’re Beautiful at Night
9. Lose Your Mind
10. Cloud 9
11. A Letter to an Angel f. Mateo

DOWNLOAD: Shawn Chrystopher – A City With No Seasons (Mixtape)