Nino Bless’ Latin Marksman 2 & Nomads (w/ Madlib)…

blame it on Shake August 14, 2009

…are now available for pre-order. And those that do can catch a pretty sweet deal. Check the write up below, then hit the jump for the rest…

Nino Bless is self-distrbuting physical copies of The Latin Marksman 2 (Hosted by Tony Touch) & The Nomad’s w/ Madlib Sept 15th … (Digital release Sept 22nd)

Ok folks as I am currently busting my ass putting together Untold Scriptures 2. Of course I had to drop material to keep the fans fed until the project is 100% perfect. I started working on side material to leak which developed into the Latin Marksman 2. With L.M. 2 I’m just going real heavy with the bars where as U.S. 2 is strictly a more structured album.(still with bars though) “The Nomad’s” has been in the works since Jan and I pushed it back cause I was always getting a beat for U.S. 2 that would have me sidetracked. Works out best cause now that the Slaughterhouse album has dropped there is no better time to come out dropping ridiculous bars than this current moment right now. Some things are worth the wait.

Both the Mixtape with Madlib (The Nomad’s) & Latin Marksman 2 will be packaged together. Myy Blog TV fans had me on a roll so I decided to give you guys a limited time package deal where if you pre-order both tapes you’ll also receive a physical copy of Untold Scriptures 1 & The Latin Marksman pt 1 signed upon request. All that added with a free copy of Foundation Magazine that has Slaughterhouse on the cover and also features an amazing article with none other than myself up in there. There’s a banner attached incase folks lost me. 4 Mixtapes & a free Mag! Not a bad deal and a nice bang for your buck. Thank you for all of your support. Its what keeps me going. Peace and Respect … 1
– Nino Bless

P.S. The Physical copies you guys Pre-Order will have all songs & full-length versions while the digital version seekers aka freebie heads will lost out on some gems. This offer expires August 20th September 5th. Here’s the Paypal link underneath …

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