Hip Hop

Jay West – Paper Girls

blame it on Shake August 20, 2009

No.. this isn’t some weird Jay Rock x Kanye West mash up; but rather an artist based in Cali (who was actually born in my high school stomping grounds of San Bernardino). This is my first time hearing of him, but I’m glad I took the time to check him out. As I’m sure you will too. Cool points added for the Franz Ferdinand inclusion. Shouts to Decatur Dan on the heads up.

OK. So I’ve just entered the room. My smell is a mix of some strange woman’s perfume and my own cologne. A boyish face that’s won many hearts, says I’m up to no good. I slink over to my sofa and open my laptop to write. I slump, then, I slouch. My posture is poor like a stoner’s, my shoulders damn near touching my ears. My shirt’s hanging on my lanky body and my pants sagging. My eyes glaze when i laugh, but no, I’m not high. Outfitted in the hopes of pushers but hardly am I that type of hustler. I do want that same type of reckless freedom, though. So what am I after and what are the means to my end? More or less, I sell real estate on dreamscapes. Listening to a song and tapping my toes. I think I have an idea…

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