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Studio Rats With 9th Wonder (Video)

blame it on Meka August 25, 2009

The NMC’s LowKey says:

Before we proceed, let me explain the concept of “Studio Rats”. “SR” will be a brief segment of your favorite Hip-Hop and R&B producers/DJ’s cooking up the freshest product right before your very eyes. Thing is, “SR” is specifically hand crafted for the users of BET.com. Looking for your favorite producer? Let me know who you want to see and I’ll do my very best to get him/her doing what they do best. Now, on with the program….

Crafting hits for the likes of Ludacris, Little Brother, Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek, Destiny’s Child, Common, Boot Camp Click and a plethora of others, 9th’s placement in this thing we call hip hop is pretty much solidified.

So with that said, I reached out to the proper personnel, pitched them the idea and this is what I got in return.