Hip Hop

Blu – NoSleepForADay EP

blame it on Shake August 27, 2009

Ahh shit… new Blu!? This has got to be a joke right? Nope… one of the Left Coast’s finest drops off a new project, via MySpace. I’m sure the length and absence of rhymes are gonna upset some folks, but I’m always up for new material. And just incase anyone wants some artwork for their iPod/Zune I threw something together really quick that should do the trick.

Peaz&Blessings. ItsYaBoy. FellBackForASec. ButTheOverDoseIsComing. SlowlyThough. WeGoneStartItOffWithSomeFunTimeShit. IDidThisOneDayThisSummer. FuckingAroundWithThe2000XLForTheFirstTime. WasGettingTheIntroduceToTheFunctions. AndThisIsWhatBlossomedFromTheCrashCourse. ALittle8MinuteBeatTapeAppropriatelyTitledNoSleepForADay. ProducedByTheBluAsBulb(theBrightIdea) EnjoyAQuickApetizerBeforeTheBreakfastSpecial

DOWNLOAD: Blu – NoSleepForADay