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T-Pain w/ His Flippy Floppys on Jay-Z’s D.O.A.(Video)

blame it on Shake September 8, 2009

MTV just let loose of a previously unreleased clip of T-Pain they had in vault from June. A clip that showcases T-Pain praising Hov for the D.O.A. record, etc.

A lot of artists want to rap like Jay-Z. Can’t do that, it’s Jay-Z! A lot of people want to rap like Wayne. You come out rapping like Wayne, people are gonna say you sound like Wayne and then you’ll stop rapping like Wayne. So I don’t see why [jacking] my style is any different from anybody else’s.

Jay-Z ain’t out of touch. Jay-Z been doing his thing for years. If he’s out of touch, then everybody’s out of touch. Jay-Z just set the record straight because he’s that important. They feel like they got to have that niche, in order to make something, in order to make a hit. They feel like if they put autotune on it, it’s instantly a hit. Jay-Z just shut all that down. When people feel like they’re getting shut down, of course they’re gonna say things like that like Jay-Z is out of touch. Jay-Z ain’t never been out of touch, that’s the craziest thing in the world.

Haha… I love it. So Mr. Pain… why the sudden change of heart? Why did you wait til this weekend to start your “fuck Jay-Z, he’s too old, he should be dead” talk? Oh and shouts to Dre on the type up.