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Jay-Z Live in Chicago (Video)

blame it on Shake September 9, 2009


It’s currently 4:30 in the morning and for some god forbid reason I’m still up! So I guess I’ll make a post before I bang my head against the wall repeatedly. Some footage of Hov live in Chicago at an invite-only Samsung Summer Krush show. Above is Run This Town & D.O.A. and after the jump is a nice little freestyle (sorry Kelz haha), Venus vs Mars and Haters.



Man September 11th is gonna be huge. Madison Square Garden… here I come! And for the record there will be no flipcam on me, Shake’s gonna be a fan to the fullest that night. Awh! Awh fuck it… let’s keep the post going. Jay also graced the cover of Clash magazine and speaks on a few interesting things. Check the cover and a excerpt below.

Listening to the album, there are some notable collaborations – Rihanna, Kanye, MGMT etc. Do you have a fixed idea of who you want on a particular track and then aim to get them?

Actually, they weren’t on till the other day. Literally, Kanye wasn’t on there until two days ago. It just felt like he needed to be on there. I was listening to this track and the drums just kept reminding me of Jesus Walks and I could hear him… And that’s how collaborations usually happen for me. I don’t sit there and pick people out of the air. It’s more that I’ll find myself in someone’s zone and I’ll be ‘man, this would sound good if so-and-so was on it’.

Check out the full (digital) issue here and check out the gallery here.