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Slaughterhouse Define Hottest MC (Video)

blame it on Shake September 19, 2009

The video above only features Joelle Ortiz’ definition of the Hottest MC. Which is show in text form (along with the rest of the machine’s thoughts) for those that can’t watch.

Joell Ortiz: There’s so many different dimensions of a hot MC. You gotta be able to do what you do in the booth. Be yourself in interviews. Be a great showman. Be an on-spot rap dude. You gotta have the complete package. If you do records well and get up onstage and you’re looking at your shoes, you’re not a hot MC. You gotta have every element mastered. You gotta love the art.

Joe Budden: Joe Budden is against the word ‘hot’. I don’t like it. I don’t use it. ‘Hot’ is not something that comes down to your craft. That’s why I despise the word. It’s too many other things that come into the equation. The label can make somebody hot. It’s to the point now where the artist and the fans don’t even decide what’s hot.

Royce: I equate the word ‘hot’ with buzz. Somebody can have a big buzz and be hot. It doesn’t make them an MC. ‘Hot’ to me, I don’t use the word either. ‘Hot MC’ doesn’t mean he can rhyme. I can wake up and turn my swag on, doesn’t mean I’m a dope MC. It means I’m hot for the moment.

Crooked I: I think ‘hot’ is a way for everybody putting together the list to create a conversation. You can put so many different things under ‘hot’ that can spark a debate. I think it’s about the debate. I don’t think it’s about the actual list.

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