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Danny! – Scrambled Eggs

blame it on Shake September 22, 2009

Another leak (lyrics after the jump) off Danny’s upcoming Def Jux album, Where Is Danny?, which is (hopefully) dropping in September. Look for collabs with Che Grand, Drake & Danny Brown soon!

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[Verse 1]
Fuck rappin’ ’bout a broad
Rappin’ ’bout a necklace
Rappin’ ’bout some sex, man I’m rappin’ ’bout my breakfast
So pass the coffee
If Asher Roth did this
You would probably give his ass a pass, get off me
Mix my flappy jacks with some sassafras and toffee
Grab a tab of frothy
Cheese for my broth, B
Raisin oatmeal with the soy milk? Nah-uh
I’d rather have the french toast, you want some
Don’t come, near my plate unless you want a severed hand
And when it comes to cereal don’t pick whatever brand, never man
Them Apple Dapples is forever bland
And the fake Alpha Bits got funny letters, damn
You seen my cousin? This nigga makes the meanest English muffins
Hit up the Krispy Kreme, bring a dozen
Of them
Cinnamon rolls, save one for dinner
But for now, sausage and toast is for beginners
You wanna get with D. Swain, then don’t be rude with them Toaster Strudels
If you’re frugal with the food, nigga screw ya

[Chorus – 1.5X]
Muffins with the blueberry spread
Cheese grits and scrambled eggs
Did ya hear what I said?
Save me some scrambled eggs

[Verse 2]
One of the few fuckin’ songs on this album with a hook
A breakfast connoisseur, maybe I should write a book
I’ll give you hell if you ain’t sellin’ Belgian waffles
The fuck is turkey bacon? Man I swear that smell is awful
I like my hash browns scattered and smothered
Battered and covered with diced ham and splattered with mustard
I’m all about the fried potatoes, and sliced tomatoes
And beans and rice but I don’t even like to try the bagels
This sunny side egg is lookin’ like a cyclops
D. Swain signin’ off, I’ll meet y’all at the IHOP