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Add-2 – Chicago Kids (All That I Got Is You)

blame it on Shake September 28, 2009


The above video is of the fatal beating of 16-year-old Derrion Albert. Not posted for visual enjoyment (or crude jokes) but rather to see if any of ya’ll can help identify any of the people allegedly involved. Please call Area Two of the Chicago Police Dept. at 312-747-8272.

I wanted to send this song out even though I know some may already have heard it but it seemed appropriate for this time. 16 year old Derrion Albert was beaten to death which was caught on tape in another case of senseless violence. I can’t hide how hurt I am after seeing this video and all the violence that occurs in our city with our youth and when we have kids killing kids we as parents, friends, neighbors and as a community have failed. I hope that we as a community can step up and be better role models, teachers and parents to ALL of these children.

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UPDATE: Three teenagers (Silvanus Shannon, 19, Eugene Riley, 18, and Eric Carson, 16) have been charged (first-degree murder) with beating to death 16-year-old Derrion Albert, an “innocent bystander” who walked into the middle of a street fight between two groups of feuding teens last Thursday, according to prosecutors.ChicagoBreakingNews