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Raekwon Speaks on Hottest MC in the Game Placement (Audio)

blame it on Shake September 28, 2009

Rae calls in from Paris to speak on his placement in MTV’s Hottest MC in the Game (in which he scored the #10 spot) and how being around the Wu-Tang Clan has made him appreciate OB4CL2 that much more.

“We sitting here looking at it right here while we in the studio,” the Chef told MTV News. “We looking at the [user] comments, looking at the Roundtable. Y’all definitely getting it in. It feels good. It definitely feels good, word.”

“I look at it as a blessing, man,” Rae said. “I’m just saying, [the Roundtable] is giving the veteran more medals. I paid my dues in the game. I think I was taught by the best. I was one of them dudes that take rap crazy serious — how you look, how your sneakers look. So for me, I just feel like people is placing the medals on a n—a that made it home. I made it home. Rap was supposed to be over for n—as a long time ago. They say rap, your career only goes on for five years if you ain’t really just that n—a. If you that n—a, it’s an endless career you could make. I felt like I knew I wasn’t over. I feel like respect is due. If it wasn’t me, if it was the next n—a that had a similar, same kind of track record, that’s still busting his hammer writing and going in still. I pay attention to every n—a. I still feel privileged that n—as still see what the god can do. All praises for that.”

Rae said his time with the Wu-Tang Clan has only made him appreciate Only Built 4 Cuban Linx … Pt. II‘s reception even more.

“I love it,” Rae said. “I’m the Clan’s biggest fan. I know what these dudes is capable of. For me to pull this project off and not have them around me every day, I knew that it was something special that these guys have that I have to figure out to put together. It feels good to know n—as is still respected in the game as being the top MCs in the game. I don’t look at it as just me. I been a mutha—-in’ second-string n—a all my life. I never looked at the hot seat as me being there, but I believe in them n—as, and I always wanted to take my n—as to the championship. So I looked at myself as that LeBron n—a, you know?”

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