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MTV’s #7 Hottest MC in the Game: Young Jeezy (Video)

blame it on Meka October 1, 2009

According to the ever-so-eloquent Lil Boosie:

Lil Boosie “I’mma say Jeezy [belongs on the list] before everybody,” Lil Boosie told MTV News. “He has a new album coming — it’s still a Recession, so he’s got the title. He’s killing everybody’s remixes. He don’t switch up: People know he’s rapping his life. Once you get the people like that, they become fanatics for you. He’s sold 3 million records and he’s still talking birds. He’s street, he ain’t changing and people love Jeezy for that. Me and him got the same fanbase, we got them street kids who don’t even listen to a radio, be on the corner all day. He’s got a big following.” _ via MTV

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