2dbz x Nino Bless x You? [Update]

blame it on Shake October 6, 2009

Back in mid-September we presented ya’ll up and coming emcees with a chance to get heard. Those looking to submit, have until Friday…

There were many submissions across the board from all over the world. Some were surprisingly great, some who should re-think their career & others who showed glimpses of potential but at the moment we didn’t think were potent enough. The winners will be announced the day the mixtape is released along with a write up of why we thought each individual deserved to be picked. The mixtape right now is very official and we have many established artist contributing as well. Thank you to all the artist who submitted their material. If you didn’t get a response don’t sweat it. You’ll have your chance as 2 more volumes are coming out. You’ll get your shot to shine. All artist have until this Friday to make their final submissions. We have a few surprises for the tape at the moment so stay tuned. We extended the deadline due to a few nice surprises. We were surprised to see the talent that was available out there. I want to thank all the artist both established and up and coming who are pushing this project forward as well as Shake & all the other websites/ promotional outlets supporting.

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