N.E.R.D. Adds (Female) Member for New Album

blame it on Shake October 6, 2009

So it looks like Pharrell, Chad & Shae will be joined by Rhea (a Toronto native of Guyanese descent) on their fourth studio album, Instant Gratification, which is set to drop in 2010.

“Musically, we’re just somewhere else [with her],” Pharrell told MTV News. “The music is now very 3-D. It’s something you have to hear. But you’ll see. We’re definitely somewhere else. I want to leave that impact moment for when you purchase your download and you purchase your CD. The music is very three-dimensional. We’re just really excited. We feel like N.E.R.D. has always been the punks of hip-hop and the outcasts of alternative music — just a little different. But this time, we’re taking no prisoners.”

The Neptunes artist explained Rhea might be petite, at just 5-foot-4, but her booming voice and her classical background blend in with the genre-bending trio of N.E.R.D., also including Chad Williams and Shae.

“Now you have this little Tinkerbell that’s just stepped in and has been amazing,” he said. “It’s made it a fun process. We can go in so many more directions, because we have the vocal support.”

I really hope these guys don’t turn all BEP on us. But to be honest, I think this definitely has potential to be great. Here’s hoping for the best! And for a slight sneak peak on what to expect, hit the jump to check out footage of them performing 2 new joints in Miami Beach the other night.



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