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Royce x Shady?

blame it on Meka October 6, 2009

We all know that Twitter remarks aren’t really “news” or even “truth” for that matter, but if this were to be true you have to take a few things into consideration:

If he signed only Royce, would we get another “Bad Meets Evil” or another Rock City (Version 2.0)?

If he signed Slaughterhouse, could the Interscope overlords turn them into a commercially viable act and not another D12?

Outside of Fiddy, name me one act/group under Shady that’s been able to sustain relevance. I’ll wait…

Remember Stat Quo, Cashis and Bobby Creekwater? Exactly.

All in all, while it would be a good look for Nickel Nine, I’m not fully convinced that this would truly be a good thing. On the other hand, on the heels of the massive fail somewhat disappointing sales of the Slaughterhouse album, there isn’t any much lower one could go this would definitely be an upgrade.

The track under the cut though was ridiculous, though, and I’d like to see more of that if this were true.