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blame it on Meka October 8, 2009


American cities have gone crazy for lavish new sports stadiums, whether they can actually afford them or not. Our own hometown of New York City is in the midst of a whirlwind of development. The Yankees and Mets both debuted new parks this year at a total cost of over three billion dollars. Next year, there’ll be a new Giants Stadium for our football teams. A big hole in the ground in Brooklyn currently represents the potential future home of the New Jersey Nets. This week’s news even has the Islanders threatening to leave town if they don’t get a new facility.

It seems like every sports team owner these days is out for that Stadium Status… and they want us to pay for it!

The Internets Celebrities (Bodega, Checkmate, Vend Diagram, Ghetto Big Mac) want to make a video investigating why the public is paying billions of dollars for facilities that generate so much private profit for sports teams. We’re going to check out these strange buildings and see what exactly we bought with our money. We’ll approach the video with our usual blend of street-smart humor and fearless, on-location journalism. And we’ll speak with fans and experts to bring the whole story to you.

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