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Slim Thug – Still a Boss f. Peter Hadar & Young Black (prod. Von Pea)

blame it on Shake October 8, 2009

Apparently the video for this premiersed on The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart tomorrow tonight (see above). More info after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Slim Thug – Still a Boss f. Peter Hadar (prod. Von Pea) | Mediafire

On tonight’s episode, The Daily Show will follow up by debuting Slim Thug’s video for “Still a Boss,” a new song which will parody Thugga’s real life struggle with juggling his duties as a rapper and the realities of the recession. “Still a Boss” was written by Slim along with Cenac and Von Pea of the rap group Tanya Morgan (who also produced the song).

According to Cenac the idea for it came about after a Texas governor went in front of the Senate to appeal for a bailout of chicken farmers in his district, after the Cash for Clunkers program received funds. The idea sounded silly, but for Cenac, this governor raised some legitimate questions. “As he [the Texas governor] was talking about how much that chicken factory meant to his district… it was like… well you can make that argument about anybody,” Wyatt said. “And rappers they promote spending by having fancy cars, and fancy clothes and if anybody should receive a bailout, why not rappers?”

So they teamed up with the Houston MC to investigate the issue in this segment, which, all jokes aside may sound like scripted jokes, but includes actual accounts of things that have happened to the Houston rapper personally.

“It was all him,” Cenac said. “He told us this story about being thrown out of a strip club for not tipping and that was a real thing. I don’t remember the name of the strip club but he was really upset about it. When we do these pieces, we’re talking to people and we’re gauging their honest reactions to things. We wind up sort of saying and doing stupid things and they just kind of react to it.”

Wyatt, who admits to being a big hip-hop admirer, says that the segment was not only fun to put together, but necessary at a time like this. “I’m a big fan, so it was fun…,” Wyatt shared. “Just kind of looking at this issue because you do see it in videos and there are people who talk about it. We’re going through some pretty tough economic times …you do still see a lot of rappers talking about how good they have it and it’s sort of a weird thing.” [via XXL]